How to Keep Your Food Clean and Safe to Eat?

In our environment, germs, dust, dirt and bacteria are everywhere. These microorganisms and impurity substances can rest and stick onto our hands, clothes, utensils and food. Consuming contaminated food is a major cause of food poisoning and stomach upset.

How do we prevent food from becoming contaminated? We can solve this problem by cleaning and keeping our hands, food and environment clean.

Three things to bear in mind as follows:

Keep your food clean and free from contamination 

  • Before cooking or eating, make sure you wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly. This will remove dirt and other contaminants.
  • Sprinkle some lukewarm water onto raw leafy vegetables and wash them before eating
  • Clean out the waxed coated fruits skin like apples, grapes and etc. with toothpaste before eating raw
  • Use separate spoons or chopsticks while having meals to prevent contamination
  • Do not dip the used spoons, forks or chopsticks into the food while the food is still cooking to taste its aroma. You will be surprising to find that the bacteria from adults can spread and transmit to kids and youngsters’ stomach.

Keep your kitchen clean 

  • Kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, spatulas, sinks, countertops and etc. should keep clean. Dry them to prevent the accumulation of dirt and harboring of bacteria
  • Keep kitchen garbage into bags and dispose them regularly
  • Do not accumulate kitchen waste in your kitchen or backyard as it attracts insects, ants, flies, cockroaches and rats. It can also be a source of contamination
  • Dry out aprons, tablecloths and kitchen gloves under the sun to avoid mold and bacteria.

Keep your hands clean

  • Always wash your hands with chemical-free hand wash after meals and after you go to toilet. Dry up your hands with a clean cloth
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling food to prevent contamination
  • Wash your hands after handling raw food