How to Exercise with Colitis

Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disorder, which can undoubtedly keep a person out of the gym for a long time. It’s not that the person isn’t motivated to work out; it’s just that the symptoms of the disease can sometimes be so severe that getting on a treadmill or lifting weights can beout of the question because of the amount of pain that a person is under. People sometimes go for years without even realizing that they have Colitis. But, when they find out that the symptoms that they were passing off as minor are way more serious than they originally thought, such as blood in the stool or vomiting and even rapid weight loss. Exercising can end up becoming a huge challenge for people to approach on a regular basis.

   Everyday Health, a trusted website for healthy living, gives a nice list of exercise techniques that people who suffer from Colitiscan use. For example, it encourages strength training in the fight against osteoporosis. This is the loss of density and strength in the bones of a person who has been diagnosed with Colitis, and consistent weight lifting is a wonderful remedy. They also recommend aerobic walking, bicycling, dancing, swimming, Pilates, and yoga as great exercise routines.

It is important for the diagnosed person not to overdo it when breaking a sweat in the gym. In an attempt to face their intestinal disorders head on, some patients may feel that they have to work out even harder in order to remedy the symptoms of the disease. This is not a good idea according to the experts at Good Gut Solution. They recommend,to do a warm up to each and every exercise, and not try to do what everyone else is. In other words, they should simply do what works best for them.

   It is also a good idea to find a workout partner. Whether the person has the same disorder or not, simply having another person to exercise with is an awesome way to stay motivated. This is especially true if you have just gone through one of the surgeries that are associated with Colitis. Some of the most common ones are a trictureplasty (when the narrow area of a bowel is widened), a proctocolectomy (when the colon is taken out), or a resection (where a surgeon removes a diseased part of the intestine and attaches the healthy parts together).

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